My experience at Kensington Roof Gardens

I had a great experience visiting the Kensington Roof Gardens with a mouth watering dinner at the restaurant Babylon! On arrival, we were greeted with a warm welcome and were taken to the terrace, where we saw a beautiful view of London, despite the miserable weather. Our tour started outside, where we saw the vast space that the gardens occupied. There was an array of lovely spring colours, which really brightened up the area. We were then taken to another section of the gardens, where I spotted a few flamingos in the pond…yes, real flamingos! Even though this seemed a little strange at first, it really fitted the quirky and colourful atmosphere of the gardens. Following this theme of animals, we entered a room which was slightly cow obsessed, seeing as there was cow print everywhere! However, it added an individual and trendy style to the room. Finally, the tour ended in the main event room, which was fairly large, and extremely versatile. This room was decorated with different coloured mood-lights, setting the perfect atmosphere for any event.

After the exciting tour of the gardens, I was left pretty hungry for dinner. We were seated in the private dining room of the Babylon restaurant, with a great view overlooking the city. To start off my 3 course meal, I ordered the risotto in garlic sauce, and wow, I have never tasted food so great before. Not only did it tantalize my taste buds, but the portion sizes were perfect, leaving room for my main course and dessert. My next dish was the lamb drizzled with sauce and potatoes on the side. I did not think that the food could get any better than the risotto, but I was proved wrong. I finally ended my dinner with a nutty chocolate sponge served with vanilla ice cream. Although I was left feeling extremely full at the end of the dinner; it was truly one of the best tasting dishes I have had in my life! 

The gardens and the restaurant were a really wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend to go and visit.

Nikita Shah

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