All things new.

In late January we launched the new branding for Principal. London DMC at the rooftop Radio bar…before it had opened to the public. Taking in the awe inspiring views over the city that this new London hotspot offered, it was clear from our clients’ reactions that the “something new” we had incorporated had done the job. Our brand event had gone from ordinary to extraordinary, simply by offering our guests a unique experience.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our London destination management service. In a city which is constantly evolving, packed to the rafters with culture, art and entertainment, there are endless things to do, sights to see, experiences to have. So we make sure that we are out in the city, trying and testing out all that’s new and great in the city, to make sure we can recommend the best possible choices for your event.

But we are more than just London connoisseurs. We like to push the boundaries of convention, but we know that it’s ultimately about the execution. And we hang our hat on our delivery.

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