A Hard Days Night… a Beatles experience like no other.

Experience of a lifetime

In the beginning, there was the Beatles. This was the only cassette tape in the car. Help!, Paperback Writer and A Hard Days Night was my knowledge of music until I learnt there was also a radio. Consequently my childhood cannot be recalled without a Beatles soundtrack in the background.

Fast forward 20 something years and I’m stood in Abbey Road – Studio 2. This is no big deal. It’s an old tired looking recording studio with some old pianos and equipment randomly dotted around. Jeremy Huffelmann, Head of Events, stepped up for the usual spiel on its brilliant conference facilities and AV equipment, I automatically brace myself for the inspiring questions of “ok, and how many does this space hold?” “What’s the average DDR?” as I prepare for an events coma the speaker begins the history of the room in which we are stood…. “The Beatles recorded around 250 songs, 190 were recorded in this very room” “Pink Floyd recorded Dark Side of the Moon over there…” “that’s the piano that inspired and recorded Lady Madonna” “Adele recorded Skyfall there…” “Radiohead recorded The Bends here”… he immediately had my attention. The list rolls and rolls. This is the musical Mecca, goosebumps arrive, 20 something years of music comes rushing back. It’s too much to take in, let’s just sing.

Nothing has changed at Abbey Road - image by Lidia Sakarapani

Kim, the charismatic Australian takes the reins and introduces herself as our vocal coach for the night. After a few deep breaths and screeches’ we spend the next two hours singing “Drive My Car” by the Beatles. We sound around a 5/10 but by the end we are pushing for a good 6/10. However, 50 people collectively cannot sound bad… The experience is hilarious, surprisingly difficult, tiring and very liberating, when the track is played back it sounds a solid 4/10.

As the celebratory canapés and champagne flows to honour our 120 minute recording career we have the opportunity to walk the stairs to the studio, view equipment close up, and test the priceless pianos.

Having viewed Studio 1, where every score for every film worth speaking about was recorded, I have to leave. I can handle 500 years of history at Kensington Palace, Hampton Court, and the finest hotels in the world. I cannot handle the history of Abbey Road Studios, it’s just too much.

I rapidly download The Beatles Greatest Hits to relive the car that introduced me music and cycle across the legendary zebra crossing home to watch You Tube videos of Studio 2 from the underwhelming comfort of my flat.

In summary, Abbey Road Studios is simply the most inspiring venue I have ever been to and it really is a unique experience for event planners looking for that WOW factor activity that you can only do in London.

If you would like to enjoy this type of experience for your next incentive trip to London, you can get in touch with us via london@principalge.com. Maximum capacity for this activity is up to 160 people.

Click here to view the Video – Record a Song Experience at Abbey Road Studios

Image copyright - Andy Paradise T/AS 'Paradise Photo'Past legends on the walls - Image by Lidia Sakarapani

Blog by Mark Throup, Project Manager

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